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About Me

  • I'm the best at being myself. I'm a Cancer but that doesn't really mean anything. I love to work with my hands and have no shame in calling myself crafty.

  • Senior quote:
    This journey has been like a rollercoaster. Full of ups and downs and I cried the whole time.

  • Why did you choose VCD?
    The program seemed to lead to many opportunities.

  • What inspired you to be a graphic designer?
    I wanted to try something I couldn't do before.

  • Favorite keyboard shortcut:

  • Worst VCD moment:
    I printed 20 hand rolled posters on the printing press only to have one letter upside down the whole time. The batch couldn't be used and I had to start all over.

  • Best VCD moment:
    The first time I designed something and truly liked what I made.

  • What inspires you the most?

  • Goals in 5 years:
    In five years I will be sitting in a home studio painting till sunrise.

  • What job would you be terrible at?
    Writing anything. Words are hard.

  • What song do you have completely memorized?
    Alice's restaurant (the Thanksgiving anthem)

  • What movie title best describes your life?
    Big Fish

  • What is the luckiest thing that has ever happened to you?
    I realized early on in life that the path I was going down was not going to bring me joy, and chose to make a new path for myself. Not many people can see that in their twenties. I count myself lucky that I did.