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About Me

  • I was born in Turkey and lived there until I was 8. We moved around a lot growing up, and that made it so I had to be entertained with just paper and pencil. That's how I became obsessed with drawing.

  • Senior quote:
    "I'm not dumb, I just have a grasp of thoroughly useless information" - Bill Watterson

  • Why did you choose VCD?
    It marries artistry with problem solving, order, and logic.

  • What inspired you to be a graphic designer?
    The moment I learned that almost everything I interacted with had to be thought up and designed by someone.

  • Favorite keyboard shortcut:
    [ or ] to change brush size.

  • Worst VCD moment:
    I lost my 1 TB hard with all my old files drive for about a week and a half. I thought I had lost 3 years of work.

  • Best VCD moment:
    Staying up till 2 AM making a completely inconsequential Graphic Design Research group presentation because we making each other laugh so much.

  • What inspires you the most?
    Adam Savage videos

  • Goals in 5 years:
    To be supporting myself on comics and illustrations somewhere that's not Ohio.

  • What job would you be terrible at?

  • What is your #1 pet peeve?
    When people don't press clear on the microwave and I look up to check the time but it just says "00:02"

  • What song do you have completely memorized?
    La Di Da Di by Slick Rick

  • What movie title best describes your life?
    Dazed and Confused

  • What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?
    Being told "You've got something special here." by Christopher Darling about one of my illustrations